The easiest way to avoid unwanted breakdowns and failures is to keep your machine happy. We offer three levels of general maintenance services and provide recommendations for improvement. From valve adjustments and oil changes to spline lubes and fork rebuilds. We can help you choose which service best suits your motorcycle and budget.


  • Before bringing your bike in for service - PLEASE have the bike in a presentable condition. Countless time can be saved during a job when the bike is clean. If the bike is too dirty to work on - a spray car wash is located two blocks east of the shop.


  • Hourly shop rate is $100.

  • Most jobs are on a flat rate basis.

  • If a bike has a large fairing or aftermarket components - quotes will be slightly higher due to working around these parts.


Engine and drivetrain rebuilds.

*Listed are improvements and/or commonly replaced parts when rebuilding engine and drivetrain components. After an initial evaluation - recommendations will be made on how to proceed with your personal rebuild.



  • valve and head work
  • main bearing replacement
  • timing chain replacement
  • reciprocating mass balancing
  • con-rod resizing
  • clutch pack replacement
  • charging system improvements
  • modifications and add ons.
  • new hardware

final drive

  • Seal and gasket replacement
  • bearing replacement
  • new hardware

*If the bevel drive splines need replaced we have several recommendations to offer.


  • Four and Five speed gear box rebuilding
  • Input, cluster, and output shaft replacement
  • Seal and gasket replacement
  • bearing replacement
  • shimming
  • new hardware


  • removal and installation

*we do not offer in house reconditioning of driveshaft u-joints. We can however recommend several shops that do that repair.


We do three frame up  restorations a year. Full restorations require patience and commitment. For inquiries - email the shop.

*Several machines and processes aid us in restoring parts back to as-new condition. On site tools include a vapor blaster, dry media blaster, and ultrasonic tank